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With Weir Organized, you can get your stuff, time, money, and life organized!

Colin Weir, enjoys working with people,

helping them organize their lives by coaching them on personal organizing techniques, designs, and processes. This may involve rooms, closets, filing systems, daily routines/schedules, meetings, habits, lessons, hobbies, and life choices. Colin helps individuals process their feelings around objects and how they use their time. He empowers them to make their own decisions. He works with people to maximize space, increase productivity, and decrease stress by getting organized.


Who does Weir Organized help so they can focus on the most important parts of their lives?

  • Stay-at-home parents who don’t have time to declutter

  • Working parents who desire routines so they can spend more time with their kids

  • Telecommuters who want a highly efficient home office

  • Professionals who need help organizing their space and calendar so they can focus on their career

  • Empty nesters who spend time away from home

  • Large families who need to make space for the next generation

The Wild Boar is a symbol to be honest in all we do and have the courage to face the problems in our life that seem dreadful or uncomfortable.

I’m Colin Weir, committed to being the best at organizing stuff, time, money and life…and living proof that it can all be done.